IRI Parliament to Support Dormitory Reconstruction at Shiraz University
Code : 7 | 2019-08-26 | News

Ali Akbari, representative of Shiraz at the Islamic parliament of Iran, visited Shiraz University the other day to have a look at the student dormitories belonging to this institution. During his visit, this member of the Iranian parliament was accompanied by Dr Vaezi, SU Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Dr Tashkhourian, Director of the Chancellor’s Office and SU Public Relations, plus two of his parliamentary advisors, Mr. Akbari and Mr. Gerami.

The group took a tour through the SU dormitory complex where Dr. Vaezi pointed out the aged buildings and insisted on the need for a suitable fund to reconstruct worn out parts. On the other hand, parliament members who were guests at SU, promised their utmost effort to provide these funding requirements for the sake of Shiraz and its main university.