SU aims for Erasmus+ Programs
Code : 11 | 2019-08-26 | News

Dr. M. S. Khaghaninejad, Head of the Academic and International Relations Department at Shiraz University, clarified the Erasmus+ procedure at Shiraz University and stated that a structure has been designed in which these programs are to be deployed. This structure, which has been approved by the SU International Relations Development Council, is an attempt to direct such international programs in a way which would meet the academic and scientific requirements of SU members. According to the Head of the Academic and International Relations Department at SU, the aim was to create a transparent system by which all applicants for such programs are selected according to a justified and clear basis.

Dr. Khaghaninejad also added that the Erasmus+ Program is funded by the European Union and for us, this would be a favorable chance to strengthen our scientific bonds with international higher education institutions. For that matter, the development of Erasmus programs and any other similar program which aims for the development of international academic relations is regarded as a main objective for the Department of Academic and International Relations.